Ley Clach

The Ley Clach are a set of five stones that control a portal (fey call it a doorway) between our world and the Feywild. All five stones are natural rings. Four of them are marked with markings that refer to some important fey site along the ley lines. The fifth stone is the control stone. The four stones are arranged in a ring (along with other, less important, stones. They lock the doorway closed. The fifth stone, the controller stone, can control the lock.

Jorros claims that our doorway is ancient and has been locked by the fey for a very long time. (He claims not to know why.) The controller stone was taken back to the Feywild. Jorros claims that seven years ago someone re-opened the doorway and dispersed the four. That is, the doorway now cannot be closed.

Jorros further claims that the magic in the stones will give the holder powers. There are always teleportation-type powers associated with the Ley Clach. There are other powers that depend on what powerful fey site is associated with the stone. Also, the power in each stone is so great that it wil inevitably drive the holder mad.

The portal occurs at a crossing of ley lines. Typically the entire set of location is a mile across. But this one is enormous.

Ley Clach

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