An t-Eilean Mòr

doors and spirals*

the spiral was more akin to an eye made out of dollar bills

We took an extended rest and Rowena had a fore site dream of bad things if we went north-west. We decided to take the north-east path. While investigating the door Sam Sam found some traps and successfully disarmed them. When he looked for other traps he failed so Dylan opened the door. There was a hallway that led north and a hallway that led east. The east passage goes 20 feet then turns south. The north passage led 20 feet with a 10 foot long hallway 10 feet in. The hallway ended in a 15×15 foot room with a portcullis in the south-east corner and a ‘spiral’ set in the stone. There was also a door in the north-east corner. When Rowena opened the portcullis there was a fiery blast the singed Rowena and everyone else dodged. Behind the portcullis was a wall with nothing else. We decided to go through the north-east door which went east for 5 feet then had another door. when we opened that door and there were lots of baddies.


hornma satchelhweigel

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