An t-Eilean Mòr

Call of the Priestess
Rag-Tag Adventuring Team is Born!


At request of Priestess Rowena, Moft, Ulundes, (Shawn’s Character), (Satchels Character), meet and discuss her growing concerns regarding Còisir. They also discuss whom is to be the leader, the rules of the party, and all the other shenanigans adventures must work out… Before they cut each others throats.

Into the Woods, to the Pond, Never to come back.
Mischief is in the air, can anyone else smell it?

Wayward Fey

The day had been long, and caravans just arriving found their way to the Wayward Fey, filling their mugs and relaxing after a long travel. Townfolk also found their place their,nursing drinks from the sole tavern in town. Trina was watching the the crowd from behind her bar, her features warm to each traveler and caring towards those who frequented the bar. Though her eyes did linger a little long over Rowena and her strange party that she had been hanging around with these past few days. Though no complaint was raised, and carrying on with business as usual, had the barmaid get them drinks to nurse.

Moft quick like a butterfly saw the tension in the room, and with her eager disposition set off to befriend the traveling merchants. Followed closely by Rowena, while Moft ordered herself a drink next to the Caravaners, the leader of their party made a sharp cry. “Moft! Put that down!”
Who turned to look at Rowena with a scowl, placing the spoon back on the plate of the man she sat next to. He hadn’t even realized, but no harm was done. The lass was pretty enough for his liking and her wide smile disarmed him.

However the short outburst had left Moft slightly disoriented, having forgotten her question. “So… why are you all here is Còisir?” She asked with a wide, awkward, smile. Embarrassed. They laughed at the girl.

“What else would we be here for? Just rest, lass. Been to long on the road, take a weeks time.” With that, Moft continued, recalling her question.

“You seem like you had a long journey, something the matter?” Her brows furrowed with worry, a man nodded across from her.

“Just north we’ve seen strange lights, from the woods.”

“Ah! You know those are just fireflies, middle of summer!”

The man retorted with a scowl, “Ain’t no firefly shine that bright, that’s for damned sure!”

Moft could only laugh, "That’s right! For all you know it could of been giant-fireflies, then we’d surely be in trouble. Another man spoke up, before the wounded individual could speak any further.

“South theres been talk of bandit attacks, must be some new company… though. Organized, they get the job done efficiently. Had to take off with the horse myself to speak of the tale.”
Moft rose notably from her chair, looking as if to speak. Though the man continued, “Saw that Bounty Hunter nursing the ale over there, friend of yours I take it? Well, speak to Dalon, and he might have work for him and your likes. Could use a hired hand.”

Rowena close on her heels, they returned to the table nestled in the corner. Ulundes refused to sit anywhere else, she had to sit in the darkest corner of the tavern. While the Bounty Hunter, and Shanston nursed drinks of their own.

“You need to talk to Dalon. Find out about the job offer, and get us the job.”

The orc scowled, “Why.”

Moft rolled her eyes, “Don’t you want gold? Just do as I ask.”

“Perhaps you should discuss with the Priestess?” At that moment another Priestess came by, pulling Rowena aside and speaking quietly.

“She’s right behind me, if she didn’t like it she would of said something” She paused, looking back and finding out that she was not after all behind her. Rowena after having finished speaking to the Priestess coming up, requested that we leave. Moft agreed, but only if they spoke with Dalon right after. The rest of the party joined along, welcomed by the Head Healer, Phiala.

Field Hospital

Phiala and Rowena made the customary ritual of greeting for the Priestesses of Diancecht, and they begun their discussions with all haste. “Rowena, Father Moorland has agreed to perform the ritual of the land.” At this, Rowena gave a wide smile, relieved. “As you know however, this requires reagents from the pond. Now, if you cannot do it I fully understand. Though seeing as you are so want for the woodlands, I thought I ask you first.”

“Of course I will go, Phiala. It is only my duty.” She stepped away, just enough to confer with her companions in private, where Moft turned on her.

“Rowena! We didn’t even talk to Dalon!”

“You wanted me to talk to Dalon!” The orc interrupted, Moft scowled, to speak back at him.

“Only because you’re the only one with any experience to take on jobs! What would they think if I.” She gestured to herself, in her homespun dress, “Asked about the job? They’d laugh at me.” Rowena nodded her agreement in Moft’s statement but was unconvinced to speak to Dalen.

“That doesn’t matter. We don’t even know them Moft! Their merchants, simply taking advantage of travelers swindling them of their hard earned money.”

Moft pressed, “Not true! They’re people like you and I! Besides, they’ll be killed, who else in town could offer them protection?”

Rowena shaking her head as if chastising a child. “This is your home, Moft. Who are they? We need to find out if something is wrong with the land.”

“I agree with the Priestess, the Coille Forest must have this ritual performed, so that we may know how best to help.” Ulundes added to the conversation. Shantson stood beside her.

“Moft, im not saying you have to go with me. I was only going to ask if you would accompany me, and it looks as if Ulundes and Shantson already decided.”

Moft turned to the Orc, “You won’t get paid if you go with the Priestesses.”

The Orc rose his brows, “Gold or I’m out.”

With an audible sigh, Rowena returned to Phiala, and after a few moments came back.

“They’ll pay the party in silver, and you can have my share.” Moft turned, admitting defeat.

“You can have my share to.” The dark haired child said, and the party left to prepare for the trek to the Pond and back.

The Trail

They had walked long into the day, Ulundes keeping ahead of the main party by a hundred yards. Moft and Shantson were flanked by Rowena leading the point, and the bounty hunter in the back. There was little event, outside of the unusual plant growth, which in all honesty Moft preferred. Otherwise, their was nothing out of place, the sun shined, animals kept their distance, birds played their songs.

It wasn’t until a battle cry sounded did we realize that something was amiss. There was no question about it, Ulundes had found trouble, and engaged. The party leapt into action, charging ahead with great speed. Moft, on the other hand, froze. She breathed in deep, and with a burst of speed darted off the trail and into the thick wood. She concealed herself, looking ahead to see what lay before.

Cut in literal half on the ground was a twisted, spiney creature, sap poured from its fatal wound that Ulundes had dealt it. While the other to slow to react from the ambush, found her axe cutting it in two next. The party continued their haste, off in the distance a plantblight (unknown to them what it was) prepared its nettle shower. Moft pressed on, but the thought of that more of those could very well be hiding in there with her was enough to cause her to forget all the teachings of her troll-family. Crack! Pop! Tssh! Went the foliage and twigs about her, crashing about as loud as an infant, she crouched down, but had there been a creature it would know where she was without a shadow of doubt.

From behind her, a large vine shot out at Ulundes, though she was quick, bringing her axe in a downward swing she nearly chopped it in half, but it persisted and what growth she had chopped out, more vines came in to grapple her. It thrashed her about wildly, and as she struggled to find release, a spray of nettle consumed her. She cried out, going limp in the grip of the vines. Shantson was the first to react, casting a a burst of flame in the face of the plant blight, dousing it in fire. Then came the Orc, charging past the vines preparing a devastating swing for the plant-blight. The vine relinquished its hold on Ulundes, Rowena was there, and duty-bound as a healer leapt out of the way and with a holy utterance brought back the Elven Barbarian from the clutches of fatality. Moft, gave heart, seeing the courage of her friends. Finding her place among the woodlands again, she crept along from a distance. Wary eyes looking for anything else that may come to surprise the— Oooh! A robin’s egg! What’s that doing on the groun— Ow! Picking up the egg, Moft begins to flee from the angry bird attacking her for snatching her unborn chick!

Ulundes was infuriated, dodging a swipe from the vine, in her haste to retaliate swung to low, missing the vine completely. Rowena waved her hand in an arc, and a rejuvenating light refreshed Ulundes. The last plant blight faced down with the Bounty Hunter, and although it did dodge his attack, the creature could only give a high pitched laugh as he saw that weapon of his hunter go flying behind his back. Shantson prepared another incantation, dousing the vine-wrath in flame, added to the Rowena’s own holy radiance. The Orc side stepped a shower of nettles intended for Rowena, but it harmlessly bounced off her armaments and she continued her divine intervention.

Ulundes with her axe, and the Bounty Hunter with his secondary weapon equipped (a maul), ended the battle with two ferocious swings. Sccchnak! Went the vine wrath, thrashing about the ground with sap spraying from its now severed greenery. Cssshtak! The plant blight crunching beneath the weight of the maul. Tumbling out of the greenery, appearing to have forgotten the fight all together, twigs and leaves in her dark hair. “Look everyone! I found an egg!” She smiled wide, but to her own disappointment they were already moving on.

The Pond

They reached the pond, and to the dismay of Rowena and Shantson, the old groundskeeper of the camp, Phelan, was gone. The only trace was some supplies in the water, which Ulundes wasted no time in examining. Rowena took charge, they must gather the reagents. So she sent Moft up a tree to collect the highest leaves, and Ulundes procured the water from the deeps. Both Shantson and the Bounty Hunter continued their search around the area, for any bodies, seeing as the camp was neglected and left a mess, as well as good supplies tossed into the waters.

Having collected their things, Moft held onto the tree. Embarrassed by her inability to contribute to the fight, and being disregarded for finding a perfectly good robin’s egg.

“Moft, let’s go.”

“Im actually going to stay.”

“As am I.” Put in Ulundes from the water.

“Really, Moft?” Rowena fixed a stare on Moft as one would a child.

“I’m staying right here.”

“Suit yourself, Bounty Hunter, Shantson, we’re leaving.” With her reagents in tow, Rowena and Shantson began the long trek back to Còisir. Though with a twinkle of magic, everyone turned their head. Where once an Orc stood, only a sunflower remained. Shantson was quick to make his way, attempting to find any seeds he could find. Whilst all turned their heads to look at Moft.

“Who are you talking to, Moft?” Asked Rowena.

A pond to remember

I found myself wondering why the ditzy half elf was talking to the shadows and the wind: Moft I think her name was; perhaps they spoke something to her that other ears could not follow. I could not distract myself with such meaningless creatures though, something deeply disturbing had come to my attention. After gathering the water something caught my eyes, there were people; tens, dozens of them perhaps but none were dead. They were all breathing and tied to the bottom with kelp. I managed to cut one loose as my lungs were burning, craving the oxygen I had deprived them of for a short time.
Once above water there were questions, asking where this secondary being came from. I had nothing more to say than to tell them of the other bodies below. But the one of which I had just grabbed spoke up to speak of his name, Fondue he said, a bard. Uninteresting to my taste, too noisy. The priestess Rowena and what seemed to be her sidekick Shandston both questioned him. The bounty hunter was particularly quiet, considering he was a sunflower.
Unbeknownst to any of us, small creatures started to appear from nowhere, but to any less observant creature they would appear as small lights or fireflies. They were none other than mischievous pixies, looking for a fight. After many tries at being a mushroom and Fondues attempt at being a rock, Rowena being the only one on a mission attempted to talk to the creatures. “people are ugly so they make the world ugly, so we had to get rid of them” these vile creatures put them on the bottom of the lake! at least they had the decency to put a breathing spell on them. Rowena being the heroic person she is decided to appease them and try to prove that not all creatures create ugly things. Shandston tried to whittle a stick, and they were not pleased, I tried to make a flower crown, but with the rough hands I have it just looked like shredded leaves, Rowena managed to create a statue and it was beautiful enough that they let us go.
Rescuing the rest of the lake survivors we sent them to the town, I’m sure they needed a good pint or twelve. On the return however Rowena and I both noticed some glowing rocks to the west. While she sat and decided on what to do I went ahead and followed this path, it must lead to something. After some time I heard Moft and Rowena behind me. I slowed my normal pace so they could catch up to me. Further down we found a shack. A run down old home. no one to be seen, no one seemed to have been there in a while, if someone has been living there, they have been hiding it well. After that side adventure we make it back to town. Rowena anxious for her ritual we headed off to the temple after finding our separated companions. We watched this man as he spewed languages we didn’t understand seeing all sorts of colors, ones I never knew existed, and then it seemed like darkness filled, as he spoke dark languages, convulsed and lay on the ground. Unconscious. “Is that how its supposed to go?” I asked
“No, not at all” said Rowena

On the road to Deanadachd (as remembered by Rowena)

We started out bright and early with the caravan. The first day was uneventful except for Moft’s glee over the rain. Moft’s glee over the rain lessened with the 2nd day of steady rain and she complained about being wet and cold. Over the rain we heard the sound of a boar charging right at me, just 60’ away. Ulundes leapt into action stopping the boar’s charge at the risk of her own health. It was then we noticed that 2 more boars were charging our way. Moft, Shanston and I attacked the boars, then Bounty Hunter noticed we were being attacked and joined the battle. Eventually the boars were dealt with and all the injuries were treated, the more grievous ones requiring some healing magic. We had roasted boar for dinner that night.

The next couple of days were uneventful except for walking through rain and worsening mud. The next day dawned with glorious sunshine. We continued on the road as it curved around to the west. As we rounded a hill we could see the smoking remains of another caravan. Ulundes & Moft went ahead to investigate while Bounty Hunter, Shanston and I stayed with the caravan. After a short time I noticed movement near the other caravan that seemed to be more than just Ulundes who had reached the area by this time. I told the others and rushed to investigate with Bounty Hunter and Shanston close on my heels. As we arrive at the caravan we are attacked by arrows and notice that Ulundes is down. As we defend ourselves and try to make it to our fallen comrade, Moft is struck and went down as well, but managed to shoot an arrow, killing the goblin as she went down. We eventually defeat the rest of the attacking goblins. While I tend to all the injuries, the others inspect the caravan. Everyone has been killed by arrows and the caravan had been left to burn itself to ash. I joined the search after all injuries are tended to. As we are searchedthrough the caravan for anything worth salvaging I found an ebony lock box securely attached to one of the wagons. It is obvious that whoever attacked the caravan had tried to remove it. Moft was able to remove the box from the wagon and pick the lock. Inside there were documents in some language that none of us could read. We think maybe it could be dwarvish, primordial or deep speech. It was obviously a courier box as it had a note on top that read "To LK from FM” We put the documents back into the box and take it with us.

Shantson's statement from jail
Matt is typing (otherwise this would not happen)

This is the sworn and true testimony from Shantson Smithwork, arrested for underage drinking at the Salty Shepherd Inn.

We entered Déanadachd on the xx of xx, Dalon the Caravan Master paid us, and we were set free to find Jorros the bard. We did not find Jorros. We did find Jorros’ apartment. The apartment was in either good shape or bad shape. We looked for stuff and found a thing in a box. We killed it with a box. Moft got lice. Rowena was drunk.

Later I was picked up for underage drinking, but it was a misunderstanding. I ordered a ROOT beer, but the barkeep misheard me. And I’m old enough to drink anyway! Can I call my lawyer now?

Over the River, and through the Salt
We've found Keen, but still no Joros!

Day broke, it was bright despite the clouds that drifted overhead like mounds of cotton suspended in the depthless blue skies. The party woke in their own rooms with a gentle breeze that carried with it the scents of a freshly baked goods from the Salty Shepherds kitchen. Dressed, alongside a de-loused Moft, the party made it’s way to the common rooms. Where a small breakfast was had, to discuss the days upcoming events.

“I just don’t see why you can’t wear anything nice. Furs and bones are going to attract attention, and all the bad sorts.” Rowena cautioned of Ulundes who only shook her head as she swallowed her bread down with a gulp of her ale.

“S’not matter to me, or any of them what I wear. She can wear her pretty dresses.” She gestured to Moft with a sharp finger, who was to busy feeding a colony of ants that made home in a corner of the inn. “I’ll wear my armor. Don’t know about any of you but with so many people in one place… I wouldn’t put it past any of them to try and slip a dagger if I wore anything else.”

With a shake of her head, Rowena gave in. “Matter’s settled then. We’ll continue on to the High City, minus Shanston of course. There seemed to be some mixup, he said he’d have it all worked out before the days out. You sure you won’t come?” She gave a look to the Bounty Hunter, already into his third ale.

“I’ll keep an eye out for the gnome. Ask around.” The orc stated. Ulundes only rolled her eyes.

“Moft, we’re leaving!” Rowena called out.

“Coming!” She placed the remnants of her bread on the ground, which earned a dire glare from Lucretia, but despite her annoyance she found a fondness for the girl. Deep down, of course. She’d make her clean up the common rooms when she returned that night. She watched from behind her bar as the trio left the bar, and came round to the Bounty Hunter to replenish his ale. He’d be drunk before noon.

  • High City *

This part of the city was by far the most crowded, and the trio was given a great deal of scrutiny from the bureaucrats and city officials. A woman who acted more a young girl, a dress of blue dancing about and singing as if all by herself? Mad, clearly. A barbarian, ELF of all sorts carrying her weapon alongside her travel-worn hides? There, leading the party was a Priestess of Dianchect. The pairing of the three had the look of a circus.

“Moft, come back here, and walk beside me!” Rowena called out, the tone in her voice more akin to an irritated mother, and when she refused to listen as soon as the girl came in arms reach she took hold of her and held her wrist so that she couldn’t skip about the streets.
“You’re going to bump into someone or something, take care.” She chastised, Moft on the other hand was to busy admiring the architecture of the city, and the clothing the people wore as they passed. The usually talkative woman was in silent awe at the amount of people and diversity.

The party continued to walk, up until they reached the square. Ulundes and Rowena pointing out a man standing upon a performers stage, juggling a great deal of colorful pins. The scar across his nose marked hi undeniably as the man Keen, the one whom they sought. He would know where Joros is.

“What do you think, Rowena?” The barbarian woman asked.

“I thi— Moft!” Was all she could say as the dark haired girl in her bright blue dress slipped through the crowd of on-lookers.

She moved as if a rabbit, bounding ontop of the stage. Keen looked on at her in confusion, as she reached up, took hold of the few pins in flight and began her own juggling. Her laughter was like the bubble of a running river as she took place beside him. The crowd were amused by the girls interruption, the skilled Keen continued his juggling, whilst Moft struggled to juggle to two that she had taken. At the very least she had the grace to smile and laugh and appear with the confidence of a performer!

“Look at this, folks! The trollop’s decided to give juggling a try! Not anything new for her I suppose?” The crowd jeered from the crude bit of wit on the jugglers part, not at all pleased with her surprise entrance.

“What’s a trollop?” Moft replied, earning her another round of laughter as she struggled to continue juggling. Ulundes however, had made her way to the foot of the performers stage.

“If you ask me she’s made the show the better.” The crowd applauded the elf-womans frank attitude. The bold comment had irritated the juggler enough he called off the show.

“That’s all for today, friends! I’ll be back here tomorrow, same time, bring the kids!” He called out, putting away his juggling pins, and then reaching out for Moft’s remaining pins whom was reluctant to hand over. One hidden behind her back, while she tried to hand him the other one.

“I know how many I have!” He said, incredulous of the girls simpleness.

“It’s my favorite color, please!” She begged as he wrenched the last one from her grip. Pouting.

“Ah! Sir, you must forgive her, Moft truly is a child at heart. She was only wanting to have fun!”

“So long as she doesn’t expect a share of the coin, no harm’s done… I suppose.” He folded his arms. “Well, what? Why are you still here?”

“Do you go by the name of Keen?”

“Whose asking?”

“Pardon, sir. I am Rowena, Priestess of Dianchect and these are my companions, Ulundes, and as you have already met, Moft.” She gestured to each woman respectively. “Please, we are in need of some information. Lucretia gave us your description, and told us where we may be able to find you.”

“Right, what can I do for you?” His attention earned from the mention of the inn-keeper. Though there was a grain of suspicion he gave Rowena.

“I believe it would be more prudent to speak in private. It’s in regards to Joros, we mean no harm that I can assure you.”

“If it’s about Joros then I suppose you’re right. Come on then.” He had decided to trust the woman, and her strange traveling companions. Leading them to a secluded area, with few people milling about.

Once settled, Rowena procured a note from her pocket. “We found this in a locked box at Joros’s home. It was ransacked by a strange, lice-covered creature. It says ‘Speak with Keen’. We were hoping if you might be able to help us find him.”

“Im not in the habit of revealing friends to strangers. Why are you looking for him?”

After a moment of consideration on Rowena’s part she decided it would be best to be upfront with him. “Something is happening. We were part of the Ritual of the Land, performed by Father Moorland at our home town of Còisir. What we saw there… was disturbing to say the least. The Ley Clach have been taken, and in all honesty we do not know. Though they need to be returned, but even to where we do not know. We had heard from a friend that Joros knows a great deal about fey and lore. He’s our only lead.”

“Well, Joros would be the one gnome to go to for anything in regards to fey.”

Moft pitched in, “So you’ll tell us where he is?”

“I don’t know where he is.” He folded his arms, “None of his friends do, fey can charm people into revealing someones disguise or location. He’ll avoid fey at all costs, and he’s the one man who even could.” He paused, “Your cause seems noble enough, though. I’ll tell you what I do now. Joros had been studying people, figuring out to make a disguise.”

Moft brightened suddenly, something clicking in her head. “Rowena! The description of the Half-Elves, that must be what he’s disguised as!”

Rowena gave a look of approval to Moft, nodding her head in encouragement. Next, she offered a book to Keen. It was in a strange language, nothing written by mortal hands. “Can you read this, by chance?”

Keen shook his head, “Sorry, I’m just a street performer. I’m willing to bet someone I know can, and I’m sure you already know who I am thinking of.”

“Thank you for your help, Keen.” With a tip of her head the party left.

When they returned to the Salty Shepherds Inn, they spoke right away with the Orc bounty-hunter what they had come to know. Moft was the first to voice her concern. “Rowena, this is pointless! How will we find one disguised man, who may be using magic to aid him in his disguise? Without Shanston theres no chance. I say we go elsewhere, there’s other places we can investigate!”

Rowena turned to her, procuring a small list. “Remember this?” The list had odd things written on it. A variety of wood, whistling, salt, red-sash. Many more. “We need only find a half-elf who meets the descriptions on here. As many half-elves as their are in this city, not all of them would be wearing, or doing whats described here. These are all things that discourage and repel fey. Joros will be doing that.”

“Salt’s on that list.” Moft scrutinized. “There’s a whole district for the salt-trade in this city.”

“As does running water.” Ulundes points out.

The Bounty Hunter spoke, the first time since they returned. “We should split up.”

“No.” Rowena cautioned, “We know already the fey can disguise and lurk in any corner, if we split up we’re at risk.”

“I agree with BH!” That earned a glare from the Bounty Hunter, it was his agreed upon nickname, but he didn’t like it. “I’ll take the salt district.”

“I’ll take the river that runs through the city.” Ulundes put in.

“No! Is anyone listening to me? If we’re splitting up lets at least do so in pairs. Ulundes, since the river runs close to the Salt District, why don’t you and Moft search together?”

“I do not baby-sit.” The elf stated.

“I can go on my own! Im sure I could make plenty of friends to help us find Joros!”

“Fine.” Ulundes, resigned and reminded of the innocence of Moft, thought it would be best she look after the girl despite her indifference for her. The last thing we needed was a dead girl to bring home with them to Còisir.

The party finally having agreed upon their course of action, set out their separate ways keeping to their pairs.

“What should we be on the lookout for?” BH asked of Rowena.

“Look for holy symbols, like the one I’m wearing or of another diety. I’ll see it before you do. Whistling, too. Red ribbon, clothing turned inside out. Bells that jingle. Those were all on the list.” The started their search in Old Town, and had little luck. There was one half-elf they spoke to who wore the holy symbol of Brigantia. The god of footbridges.

“Sir! Excuse me!” Rowena called out, but he continued to walk away. Shaking his head.

“I don’t want to buy anything.”

“I’m not selling anything, could I ask you a question?”

“No!” He stated firmly, he seemed like he was in a rush.

“Do you know anything ago—”

“I don’t want to talk!” He wheeled around, putting up a hand in caution. Then turned and continued on his way.

The due were not deterred however and continued their search. Midday was turning into evening, and it was beginning to get dark. On the corner of a street, the found a man whose clothing was a mess. His garments were to dirty to discern if they were red in color, or inside out, so the Priestess approached.

“Hello there. My names Rowena, a devout priestess of Dianchect.” She bowed her head. The half elf regarded her with a smile and a curt nod.

“What’s got you down on your luck?” The gruff voice of the bounty hunter came out.

“I was fired at work. I used to work at the docks, but I drank to much.” He seemed as if he was going to say more, but didn’t.

Rowena offered him bread, and a drink from her water skin. By then, she had examined his clothes, they were just dirty, and they weren’t inside out either. This definitely wasn’t Joros. “Thank you for your time.” They left, and continued their search until the day was out.

Moft and Ulundes on the other hand, had been walking alongside the river all day until they reached the salt district. Evening was there, and the workers were quiet, tired from the days out. The elf, and half-elf Moft both had their ears pricked for the sound of bells chiming and whistling in the otherwise somber crowd of people leaving the district.

It was indeed quiet, the workers were ready to return to their families or reach a bar to begin the nights drinking. The first two blocks were quiet, it wasn’t until they reached the third block did Ulundes ears prick up, she had heard whistling. Directing Moft, they both made their way to the center square. There, in the opposite corner was a dirty, homeless man. It was clear he was of elven descent, Ulundes being an elf would of pegged the half-elf for a human for his features. Though Moft being a half-elf herself could accurately identify him. Unlike Rowena’s encounter with the homeless, this man was oddly dressed, red ribbon clearly displayed. A wooden staff recognizable as one of the few make of wood to repel fey, and not common for any walking cane.

“This has to be him!” The had ducked against a wall, in the shade to keep discreet.

“What’s the plan?” Ulundes asked.

“I’ll go speak to him, I’m the friendlier of us two.” Ulundes could only agree with Moft’s statement, allowing he to begin her walk. Before Moft could even get half way, and the man could clearly see her reaching a hand out in greeting to him he darted off like a hare. Ulundes, didn’t have to hesitate and was on him like a wolf, chasing him down a the same street he did with Moft just a foot behind. Though it was to no avail, the man was gone. The salt across the street disguising his tracks.

“Now what!” Ulundes barked, agitated that they didn’t try to sneak up on the man instead.

“We should search for him!” Moft said, “We can find him!”

“He could be anywhere, theres hundreds of warehouses here, some of them could connected to each other. We’ve lost him.”

“Well I’m not going back. I’ll stay here, you tell the rest what I’m doing and that I’ll be back in the morning.”


“I am not leaving! We’re to close!”

“Fine, but if you get ambushed by a pack pixies, you’ve got yourself to blame.” Ulundes left the stubborn Moft, who relying on her years of training under the trolls. Became part of the shadows, it was if she wasn’t even there. So while the party reunited at the Salty Shepherds Inn, enjoyed a hot meal, and a nights rest. Moft remained awake all night.

She saw few people, and none that had the same face as the man she meant to greet. Dawn broke, and she returned.

Once there, she devised several plans to try and weed out the disguised gnome, Joros. Though they were shot down.

“Joros cannot be in it for himself! What if I go disguised, a panic, stricken young woman whose being hunted by fey, just like he is!”

“Or you can just go as a woman of the night.” Ulundes suggested.

“No! Out of the question, and what would a whore be doing out in the day?” Rowena questioned.

“I could get a share of the profits.” BH commented, perhaps seeing some profit in it.

“We’re not actually doing that, it’s supposed to be a disguise, and in any case we aren’t doing it.”

“Fine, then I suggest we make search rounds around the district.” Moft began, looking at a map of the city’s salt district. Circling four sections, with the center square in the middle. “We each take a corner of the district and search, every thirty minutes we meet at the center and see if he’s there and to check in on each other.”

“He’s probably left the salt district.” Ulundes reasoned.

“Well I don’t see anyone else coming up with ideas, so its either this or we should leave!”

“We aren’t leaving, Moft. We need to protect Còisir, our home!”

Moft didn’t say anything in reply to Rowena.

The party continued talking in circles, until finally they agreed to return to the Salt District, wearing worker’s clothing. Carrying concealed weapons, with them and searching each four sections dictated by Moft.

They had decided upon a whistle, to call out for each other should they find him. It wasn’t until midday did Ulundes spot the man at the opposite corner he was at last night, she whistle, and with her mighty barbarian lungs, it carried to the ears of her party members. Though so too, did the half-elf. He turned around to see the elven woman, and dashed down a street to escape.

The party raced to reach Ulundes, who in turn raced to catch Joros. Though he had left her sight.

He’d gotten away, again.

Catching Jorros
Making Plans and wayward Bounty Hunters

After talking with Jorros we headed back to the Inn for dinner and a good nights rest. Ulundes, who prefers to spend her nights outdoors left the inn after dinner and the rest of us went to our rooms to sleep. The next morning we all meet up for breakfast and to make plans on how best to continue our search for the Ley Clach. Ulundes came in looking damp from sleeping outside in the rain, but she didn’t seem to mind it. Moft and Bounty Hunter both look like they got little sleep. This is nothing new for Moft since she likes to go exploring at night. It is unusual for Bounty Hunter who usually looks well rested in the mornings, but he doesn’t say anything.

Over breakfast we discuss plans to return to the cave near Coisir to begin our search for the Ley Clach. Bounty Hunter announces that he has some business to take care of here in Deanadachd before he leaves. Moft became very agitated that we were thinking of returning to Coisir leaving Bounty Hunter to go off on his own because we didn’t know what he was doing or what his motives were. We offered assistance which he refused. He didn’t want to talk about what this business was that he wanted to take care of and clearly did not want us involved so I suspect he was completing one of his contracts and didn’t want us tagging along to slow him down. Moft decided to tag along anyway. We told Bounty Hunter that we would wait for him at the Diancecht temple where he could meet us or send word and we would meet him.

We made our way to the Diancecht temple where we could get lodging in trade for small chores and an opportunity to make use of their library to do some research on Fey, Ley lines and the Ley Clach stones that we are searching for. I am also very interested in learning more about the Dream Domain that was given to me by Diancecht. Has this every happened before? In return for our food and lodging I help out in the infirmary while Shanston and Ulundes assist in the gardens. We spend our free time talking with the the other residents and making use of their library.

Meanwhile elsewhere… Bounty Hunter and Moft get ambushed by bandits. Moft is downed in one shot. Bounty Hunter rushes to stand guard over her and dispatch the attacking bandits. The bandit on the ground quickly realized he was at great disadvantage and rushed off to report to his superiors. The remaining 2 bandits remained on the roof to continue to attack their prey from a safe distance.

Of Health Pots and Twitchy Eyes

Moft had taken an arrow to the knee and was bleeding out on the ground. Using the last Health pot BH healed her to full. He turned around, looking for the foes once more, and took another shot in the chest. He stumbled, barely not falling to the floor himself. He turned to tell Moft to run, and found nothing where she had lain just moments before. He wanted to find her but one more shot would kill him for sure. He had to get out of there. He sprinted down the road toward the temple. Hoping she made it out ok. The group would kill him if she died.

Luckily Moft met him at the temple. apparently she had sheathed, killed one of the bowmen and made the other flee. BH doubted that she could accomplish such a task but he did not argue.

It was time to spill the beans. When they get back to the temple BH explained everything to the rest of the group. There was guild war going on in the city. His contractor was in trouble and he wished to figure out what was going on. At that moment he saw a figure on the roof and an arrow was fired into the tree they were standing next to. Attached to the arrow was a note. The note asked them to come back at midnight and to be alone. the party agreed to wait till midnight.

Midnight stuck. While Moft was still pulling splinters out of her self ( her attempt to hide in a bush did not go well), a stranger entered their midst. The person who landed from the tree was Blade. BH’s contractor. She had obviously gone mad. With a twitch in her eye she told BH that he needed to quit wasting time and kill Redcaps. She was very closed mouthed about why and how, but she did finally say where. North she said, go north to the lights.

back to Coisir

As told to Trina, over a frosty root beer (sigh):

Before we left Deanadachd we went to buy healing potions and thieves tools for Moft. Do you want to know why I was the only one with money to buy things? I am the only one WHO CAN’T BUY BEER!!!!! We then went to the Brigantia temple and talked with a door guarder named Trifia. (My job naming ability is the goodest.) She knew things I didn’t know—knew things about stuff. We then talked with somebody named Agrefena and paid some dough to read books and stuffs. I think Moft stole a book, but honestly I wasn’t paying much attention. There were words and books; that sort of thing. We found out stuffs about the ley clach thingers. The main one has float-y thingers around it and stuff. The others don’t.

We then left town with a caravan and it was Gaelan. Nothing much happened on the way back. It got warmer and stopped raining. It was boring.

So we decided next to find that cave by a waterfall. We all knew about the waterfall three days into the forest. On the way we saw wolves and I heroically killed one of them. We finally found the waterfall but we didn’t see a cave. I had some important ideas and was the real mvp.

And that’s how it ended. Wait. How am I telling you this, Trina? I’m not back yet. This is actually a dream sequence where I’m talking to a barkeep that won’t serve me beer. I have the most boring dreams ever.


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