An t-Eilean Mòr

Pool of Ick

The pool that was in the room started to move more. As it continued to shift in its rhythm creatures started to crawl out, all of them disfigured. With this kind of power we thought we might be done for, but it appeared that these were not skilled creatures and were downright awful at striking any one of us. BM pulled out one of the corner posts, with apparently great difficulty. As the screen atop the pool got looser, and looser it seemed to have a life of its own as it wrapped around Rowena. It wasn’t long before Sam came and chopped it in half.

At this time all of the creatures from the pool had been eliminated. The prisoners hanging on the wall were unconscious for the most part. But one was able to talk for a moment. We learned that the brigantine priests had forced them to dig the pool, and that their essence was being drained to power something.

A mirror had stood in the corner and as we looked around a figure appeared in it, it was a portal rather than a mirror. As the figure left, we saw runes from the middle of the woods, that Father Morland had been previously associated with.

Sadness and more sadness

The party scouted the Church for the best way in. After going around the outside of the building, the front door seemed the best way in. The interior was dark and the pews were far to close together. The group decided to make their way to the back, to where the offices were located. But before the party got there they got ambushed by a ugly winged critter with a spiky tail. After they pummeled it to the ground with only a few scratches, they proceeded to the back offices. remembering the notes that they found, they located FM’s office quickly. But it seemed that they had hit a dead end. they searched the office for clues. BH decided to check the stack of chests containing worship supplies, and under the last one was a trap door, leading down into the depths.

BH deiced to go first down the ladder. He probably should have looked before he started going, because the third step he went down exploded in a shatter of wood. He did not take any damage but who know what was alerted down in the depths. once the party hit the floor and over barring sense of sadness weighed down on them. nothing seemed to be attacking at the moment, so the party moved on. The went down a tunnel and found them selves standing in-front of a creepy moving pool and a Portal in the corner. The group knew the sadness was coming from the pool and standing too close to it would make the sadness almost too much to bear. There where three men around the pool, a man chanting and the other two appeared to be guards of some-sort. The three had not seen the party yet and they where able to get a few blows in. Out of the shadows another winged beast attacked the group from behind. Shanston was able to trap two of them with a web and the beatings commenced. The winged beats, a guard, and the chanter soon feel to the party. The only thing left to figure out where the portal and the creepy pool.

zombie hospital
tusks arent good for pulling nails
Today we stayed at Shanston’s family home waiting til nightfall. The first place we decided to search was the field hospital at the Diancecht temple. The safest way in was through the back door that was boarded up trying to hold something or one in. After removing the boards we could hear foot steps. We didn’t see anyone so proceeded upstairs to Phiala’s office. It looked tidy with some items missing. There were also 6 beds in the room with 3 of the towns people. They looked like the life had been drained from them, but the watched as we entered.

The attacked us. The bounty hunter, old tuskface, and Shanston dispatched the first. The other 2 followed soon after. With no one else to stop us, we searched Phiala’s office. Her personal items were gone. The remaining items were neatly placed, but not the way she would have left them. The bottle of lemon juice was a good clue as were the misplaced bandages. We unrolled them to find messages she had left behind. Not finding anything else we left the building and replaced the boards.
We were now planning to search the Brigantian Temple. Skirting along the palacade wall a patrol of 5 townsmen came upon us. They used a spell to illuminate our 2 fey. Two of them we killed and managed to put the other three to sleep. Now we have to decide what to do with them.

Caravans and Homecomings

We left Deanadachd with the next caravan heading North. Having grown up with the people of Còisir Shanston and I felt it was urgent that we return there to expose Father Moorland as a fraud and save our families and friends from whatever plans he has for the town. When we got to a narrow pass our way was blocked by another caravan that was stuck in the mud. We offered our assistance to help push the other caravan through the pass. While trying to push the caravan Ulundes, SamSam and Shanston slid down the slope into the swamp. Upon closer inspection, we noticed that the slope was not just muddy, but slick with grease. Bounty Hunter tried to throw a rope to our friends, but slipped in the greasy mud and fell down the hill as well. Several lights appeared in the swamp and attacked the party. Meanwhile Rowena and an elf who was with the caravan noticed a fae creature in the tall grass above the road and quickly defeated it. The swamp lights started attacking Ulundes, Shanston, Bounty Hunter and SamSam. They fought back but were unable to do damage to to all but one of the lights.
After checking to make sure the creature in the grass was dead, Rowena made her way back to the wagons, being careful to stay on the dry side, where she securely tied a rope to one of the wagons then threw the rope to the party members in the swamp. The elf went up the hill to investigate some movement he saw in the grass (or so he said). He quickly disappeared from sight over the top of the hill. Rowena attempted to attack the strange swamp lights, but they managed to evade all of her attacks. After noticing some movement in the grass and seeing that there was nothing more she could do for her friends in the swamp, Rowena went to investigate the movement in the grass and became entangled in plants that suddenly appeared.
The lights disappeared and the rest of the party was able to reach the caravan wagons using the rope that Rowena had tied to the wagons. Rowena was able to disentangle herself from the plants that had her restrained. The grease and plants disappeared, then the party smelled smoke and spotted it coming from the 4th wagon. They ran to the wagon and were able to get the driver off the wagon, disconnect it and push it down the hill into the swamp before the dynamite inside detonated.
The rest of the trip to Còisir was uneventful. As we approached Còisir and the caravans stopped to set up camp, we noticed that a lot had changed in the short time we had been away. They were busy building a wall around the city, a trench had been dug outside the wall and there were check points with armed guards at the entrance to the city. We accepted our pay from the caravans and made our way to Shanston’s house. His mother was relieved to see her son safe, but was concerned for our safety. It seems that Father Moorland is in charge and everyone does what he says. Phiala has not been seen in ages and the temple is boarded up. Our best bet to expose Father Moorland is the get into the Temple of Dianchect and see what is happening there and if the priests and priestesses there can be of any help.

Faires and Rats

We got attacked by rats, jermlaines, and rat swarms while looking at everything that we had got from the break-in. We killed them all. They got in through a little crack in the wall. They sneak attacked us. At the very beginning they were hidden and snuffed out the lamp with a water balloon-esque thing.

Jorros told us more about the Ley Clach. He told us that in order to activate each Ley Clach it has to be in the correct spot which is, unfortunately, not the same for all of them. [You suspect one location is the Dripping Caverns. You don’t know any other location.] He also told us that if you have one then you gain the ability to teleport [short distances]. If you have two people attuned to their Ley Clach then they can switch places with each other. if you have all four then you can control the main portal. A fifth Ley Clach controls the other four Ley Clachs as a master key.

The break-in worked

we did the break in. the star of the distraction was the dancer. ulundes and sam sam killed two people. it was confirmed that the temple had been infiltrated. we also found out that father moorland was a math mathowney follower. they also found three scrolls int he desk that they got the ledger out of.

we got this

We found Jorros at the Minstrel’s Friend. Jorros summoned us because an evil god had infiltrated the temple of Brigantia. he showed us a ledger. In it he ledger there were crossed out names of people. we decided to plan a break in. the plan was to have two groups, n of which was me, rowena, and jorros to distract. the other part was to have sam sam, bh, and ulundes to steal the ledger.

There is the door.. now get out.

After being eaten, slimed, electrocuted, charmed, crushed, fired at, beaten, and bruised, the party made it back to the Town of Horse Shit.

Having only brought back 2 of the kids, they were not greeted with cheers. In fact many of the towns people looked quite upset. But there was work still to be had and the party knew they where not going to be staying long. After BH ( newly titled Banker) gave out coins for repairs the party split up. The bounty hunter needed a bath, Ulundes went to go drink, Shantson and Rowena when to talk to some parents, and sam sam sam sam sam went to the library. Ulundes received a note from Jorros delivered by a caravan driver. The note implied that He needed to see the party soon at a town near Deanadachd. The group had also been invited to the funeral service for all the children that had lost their lives in the deep, dark, and stinky dungeon. The party mostly decided to go to the funeral in the morning and then leave to Jorros.

During the Funeral a crazed man attacked brandishing his old rusty sword. the participating party soon brought him down. and saw what they believed to be an illusion of a real crown under the thorn one given to all the people at the funeral. After saving the people of the town again, they where asked by Father Moorland to leave the town.

Onwards towards home

We finished clearing the rockfall from doorway and enter a room with 3 large toads. We kept the remaining children out of reach of the toads and prepared for a battle. I was so distraught over the losing most of the children was able to do little more than heal injuries. Bounty Hunter got swallowed by one of the toads and managed to hack his way out while Shanston, Sam and Ulundes fought the other 2 toads. After defeating the toads, we explored the room and found a secret door behind and iron maiden. It led to the room at the beginning of the dungeon with another iron maiden and as we returned to the room that we were transported into we realized that out was the other direction. We found out way out to the waterfall opening and managed to get everyone down to safety. Fortunately we did not run into any more trouble getting back to Coirsir.

Who forgot to close the door?

Sam went to scout a hallway where he found a door. Unfortunately, he didn’t succeed in disabling the trap and a shower of rocks cascaded to the floor. Fortunately he was able to get out of the way and was not injured. Hearing his exclamations we ran to his assistance. In order to get through the door we were going to have to clear the rocks. Ulundes and Bounty Hunter assisted with that task while Shanston and I watched over the children trying to keep them calm. Unfortunately, nobody closed the door behind us so we didn’t hear the Naga slither into the hall behind us until it was too late. The Naga immediately put Shanston and the children to sleep. With a bit of shuffling (and I’m sure some amount of swearing) Bounty Hunter, Ulundes & Sam managed to wake and move the children to the far end of the hallway. I was bit by the Naga and would surely have died if Ulundes hadn’t risked life and limb to force a healing postion down my throat. Upon awakening I moved past my friends to let them attack. Unfortunately none of us counted on the Naga having a devastating lightning attack which it unleashed, killing 3 of the 5 remaining children. Having finally defeated the Naga, we closed the door from which it entered. Shanston & I decided to keep watch over the hallway entrance while Ulundes, Sam and Bounty Hunter went back to clearing the door.


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