An t-Eilean Mòr

Onwards towards home

We finished clearing the rockfall from doorway and enter a room with 3 large toads. We kept the remaining children out of reach of the toads and prepared for a battle. I was so distraught over the losing most of the children was able to do little more than heal injuries. Bounty Hunter got swallowed by one of the toads and managed to hack his way out while Shanston, Sam and Ulundes fought the other 2 toads. After defeating the toads, we explored the room and found a secret door behind and iron maiden. It led to the room at the beginning of the dungeon with another iron maiden and as we returned to the room that we were transported into we realized that out was the other direction. We found out way out to the waterfall opening and managed to get everyone down to safety. Fortunately we did not run into any more trouble getting back to Coirsir.

Who forgot to close the door?

Sam went to scout a hallway where he found a door. Unfortunately, he didn’t succeed in disabling the trap and a shower of rocks cascaded to the floor. Fortunately he was able to get out of the way and was not injured. Hearing his exclamations we ran to his assistance. In order to get through the door we were going to have to clear the rocks. Ulundes and Bounty Hunter assisted with that task while Shanston and I watched over the children trying to keep them calm. Unfortunately, nobody closed the door behind us so we didn’t hear the Naga slither into the hall behind us until it was too late. The Naga immediately put Shanston and the children to sleep. With a bit of shuffling (and I’m sure some amount of swearing) Bounty Hunter, Ulundes & Sam managed to wake and move the children to the far end of the hallway. I was bit by the Naga and would surely have died if Ulundes hadn’t risked life and limb to force a healing postion down my throat. Upon awakening I moved past my friends to let them attack. Unfortunately none of us counted on the Naga having a devastating lightning attack which it unleashed, killing 3 of the 5 remaining children. Having finally defeated the Naga, we closed the door from which it entered. Shanston & I decided to keep watch over the hallway entrance while Ulundes, Sam and Bounty Hunter went back to clearing the door.

The long way home

Entering another room we found more enemies to fight. The loss of so many of the children is starting to wear on me since I have known them all since birth. I have done what I can to put their souls to rest, but our priority has to be to get the rest of the children out of here alive. I have marked the map with the place that all of them fell so hopefully some brave people from the village can recover their bodies. I wonder if we the other exit from the room that we were transported into would have led us out more quickly.

After fighting off the wight and zombie in the new room we found a locked box under a pile of trash. Bounty Hunter took a couple of arrows in the back trying to recover the box, but was able to get it and after some work we got it open. Inside were some gems and coin, but more importantly, there was a scroll of divination. Hopefully we can use it to find our way out of here. I don’t know why I didn’t think to cast an augury during our last rest…

Too many lost

So I have only just met this ragtag group trying to return a village’s children, but in that short time they seem genuinely concerned to return the kids to their homes. Unfortunately we have had bad fortune. Today 4 were killed by a Naga. Two of the group fought bravely beside me. The bounty hunter seemed like he was in some sort of trance and the barbarian who was badly injured the day before slept, loudly, through the ordeal. Even though he was stunned the bounty hunter placed himself between the kids and sang offensive songs that would make a sailer or judge turn redder. Rowena and Shanston put up a good fight, but the creature was too fast. In the end we triumphed, but it was a sad victory. We did find that all but two doors out of this room were dead ends. we didn’t want to go back the way we came, so we took the other door. This led us to another room with a skeleton and a wight waiting for us. There is also a pile of trash in one of the corners that may give us a clue to getting out of this place.

2/8/16 dnd

We got a new friend. There was a pool that turns stuffs to stone. We killed bugbears. we threw an apple into the pool that turns stuff to stone.

We fought a goblin (maybe).We found a wet room. There were little skulls. There was another room.

[And while, as a sorcerer, one would suspect I have a prodigious intelligence, entries like this make it clear I have the writing ability of a pre-literate chipmunk baby.] – dm

Continuing through the gloom

The night was quiet while the party rested while Bounty Hunter, Ulundes and Moft kept watch. Rowena was sick from the spider’s poison and distraught over losing Adair, Taavi, Kael, Nadia and Cael so was unable to help with the watch. Shanston helped to sooth the remaining children to sleep. We were startled awake when we heard Ulundes growl at Moft “Don’t touch my stuff!!”

After everyone was awake we shared what rations we had with the children and tried to reassure them that we would get them home. After Moft checked all the doors and dismantled traps we continued through the door that looked most likely to lead us out. After reaching the end of a winding hallway we came to another room. While Shanston and Rowena gathered the children together and setting the oldest to keep watch Moft checked the door, then Ulundes proceeded into the room to be attacked by spectres. Ulundes and Bounty hunter attacked the spectres dealing some damage as their weapins passed through the enemy. Moft took a shot at the spectre then disappeared.

Shanston and Rowena were able to do more with their powers. Unfortunately one of the spectres slipped by us and attacked Jabari who through himself in front of his younger sister. Rowena, unable to reach the spectre terrorizing the children went to help Ulundes and Bounty Hunter. Shanston finished off the spectre in the hallway and calmed the remaining children. Rowena attacked the remaining spectre, making herself a target and being attacked in return. She was quickly overwhelmed and went down. In a fury, Bounty Hunter quickly finished off the remaining spectre avenging the fallen Rowena.

With the battle over Moft scampered off to check some strange looking skulls set along the wall while Ulundes rummaged through Rowena’s pack for a healing potion to revive her and Shanston calmed the remaining children and moved them into the now empty room.

Disaster Strikes

We appeared in a very large room, with the only option being the door facing us. Unprepared for the trap that laid there, Moft tried to open the door. An arrow shot down from the ceiling. Looking up we all noticed the apparent gap for more arrows to go through if we attempted again without being wise about it. The strangest thing in this room was not the trap, or the smell of urine soaked pants coming from the small humans behind us. It was the fact that this room was curiously clean. We continued on into the next room, I grumbled to myself about having to drag along the tiny humans.
This next room held quite the surprise, torture devices lined up along all walls. There was even an iron maiden standing upright to our left. None of them were clean and had been well used. Husks of some creature laid in the large spikes of the iron maiden. I swear there was a slight red glow to the room to add more of a distressing effect. Of course children started crying and some just urinated more than they already had before. I’m not sure still if it was the noise that drew the creatures, or if it was the stench of fear reeking from the children. Giant spiders proceeded to crawl down from the ceiling. As the fight rang out it was apparent that the children were easy targets, and unfortunately I wasn’t the only one to realize it. It seemed as though children started dropping all around us. Rowena was soon rendered powerless as a web ensnared her, along with a child that lingered too close. As if that wasn’t enough she was paralyzed as well, only to watch in horror the slaughter that happened around her.
After the constant struggle of trying to keep children safe and alive, we managed to take down the pesky beasts. It seemed as thought we had successfully gotten rid of the lot, so I was able to cut Rowena loose from her binding. It was then that the number of children had been realized. We lost 5 of the noisy humans. Of course everyone else appeared to be distraught, although it didn’t seem like a hindrance to me, the less of them the more likely we might make it out alive. But I guess not all is fair in blood and war.


In Darkness, Innocent Tread
Children in tow, the companions are forced to press on.

The rain was still falling heavy, the torches that lit the ring circle of stones held out. Defiant against the storm. Rowena was breathing heavy, quickly wrapping up the Ley-Clach in a cloth and placing it in her bag. She looked up. Ulundes to could hear the voices coming, the priestess regarded the barbarian. In a silent agreement they hurried into the brush and waited for the torches to draw near.

It was Father Moorland, thank the goddess. Rowena thought.

Ulundes stepped out right in front of him, he came chest level to the she-elf. He jumped back with a start. “Augh!” He shouted, stepping back his hand up in warding for it to dawn on him it was the barbarian. “Ulundes,” He began, shaking his head calming himself. “The children, did you find the children?”

“Five of them.” She stated bluntly, “The rest of the scared runts ran through a portal.”

He gazed at her, eyes wide, “What did you say? How many?”

“Ten, fifteen. I’m not positive. A cultist was shoving them inside, and went through. The rest sort of ran around and a few pushed one another in trying to get away. I imagine some got away into the woods.” She shrugged.

Moorland shook his head, a calloused hand came to rest upon his forehead. “Where is Rowena.”

“I am here, Father Moorland.” She dipped her head, although she was drenched in mud she remained her ever patient, and reassuring self. Already, the rain was washing away the dark stains of red on her face and armor.

“Sister, thank goodness you are here. Where are the rest of you?”

“Ulundes forgot to mention that the Bounty Hunter, Shanston, and Moft all ran in after them. We’ve no idea where they are.”

“How did the portal came to be, sister?” He was already hurrying towards the circle, the men who accompanied him holding the torches aloft.

“I assume the Devil walked in a clockwise circle, if Moft hadn’t jumped the gun and likewise, Ulundes I would of been able to determine. In either case, he was still able to open it through their valiant efforts.” She responded cleanly. The two corpses of the Cultist, and likewise the Devil laid where they had died.

Father Moorland seemed non-impressed, “I can open the portal, but only for a few moments. I need you and Ulundes to retrieve the children, and your wayward companions. Please, promise me you will bring them back.”

Rowena nodded her assurance, “What can we do?”

“Whoever was in the circle when it began must return their again.”

“That’s me.” Ulundes stepped inside the circle.

“Then I will begin.” He nodded, first coming to place a mirror at the center of the ring of stones. Next, his hands raised drawing intricate invisible lines into the air while he muttered his spell. Slowly, a shimmer of a distant portal appeared, “Go! Now!”

Ulundes was evidently in pain, a hand clasped to her head as if she was having a migraine, another at her stomach as she glowed a soft blue that lead to the portal. Despite it all, she ran towards the portal and jumped inside. Rowena just behind her. They looked over.

A giant they looks of which was part fey and a hill looked their way. Rowena raised her hand, “Just passing thro—!” The beast seemed none to happy, sitting back up and beginning to chase them. Though he was a long way off, and they both went out the other exit of the portal.

Moft, BH, and Shanston stood among a dozen or so children all either crying, screaming, or frightened. With what experience Moft had, all she knew how to do was play. Trying to play pattiecake or sing a song did little, so she scurried off to a corner of the dungeon-room they found themselves in. Shanston stood among the children, seemingly unaffected. Perhaps it helped he wasn’t much older than them?

SHUT YOUR PUNY MOUTHS!” The Half-Orc shouted, the children jumped back, a large sum cowering into a corner of the room. Huddled close and crying on each others shoulders, while a handful either screamed at him and staring, waiting for their painful demise.

He growled, “QUIET!” The few that hand’t huddled to begin with, did, though a few did attempt to stifle their sobs. The Orc was enjoying the silence just barely until he saw a mark float above into the room. Moft and Shanston saw it to, perplexed they still remained where they were. A part of the mark vanished and they were transported.

Moft was the first to jump aside, looking for any means to hide, but there wasn’t. When she, and the others came to realize they were reunited. There wasn’t much hello’s and warm hugs or greetings like she may have liked. The situation was grave, still trapped in a lit dungeon room, the children were scattered once again. The distant sound of living things was not far. It was ominous to say the least, but for the time being it appeared they were being left alone. So they had to hurry.

Rowena went immediately about soothing them, and calming them. With her demeanor and new blood-cleaned body fresh out of the rain she was able to accomplish such a task. While Moft regarded the whole of the room, two torches. Two doors to the left side of her, and an arched doorway lacking the door to her right. She went to investigate - but stopped as Ulundes gave a step back. Blood dripped from an open palm, and she shook it. “Bloody door handle bit me!” She growled.

Moft quickly ran over, recognizing the door handle’s trap mechanism as the one on a different door that almost claimed her life. A chance at revenge. She quickly began to pick the lock, and was successful. She looked over her shoulder and smiled, “You can open it now!”

Without so much as a thank you, Ulundes did just that. The hallway was dark.

“How should we proceed?” The elf asked.

No one was quick to suggest, but Moft did. “I say you first, Ulundes. Your eye sight and hearing as an elf is superior. Followed by me, as I will be your back up. Should a trap need disabling I can do that.” Then she turned to the rest of her companions. “The children will follow behind us, with the three of you guarding the flank. You are the strongest among us, and seeing as that’s the open doorway, that should be where our captors come.”

“What makes you determine I’m one of the strongest?” Rowena looked at her curiously.

“Well I just thought that—”

“I can calm them, but Shanston should travel in the middle.”

“Wouldn’t that be dangerous, with spell casting and all?” She questioned.

“They’re short.” The gruff voice of BH added.

Without any further qualms, the companions pressed on. Ulundes found no traps, and pressed further on until their pathway came to a T. On the left, a doorway. They assumed from their room prior due to how close the room was to them. Their right, a cavern. Moft volunteered to scout it out.

“If I don’t return within two minutes and a half, assume I’m captured or dead. Proceed on without me.” She stated. She stealthed only using the thick inky darkness of the cavern, her half-elf eyes saw through the dark just fine. She came upon a second cavern, and returned.

“There’s a second cavern going in.”

“Could be a way out, or further in.” BH commented.

“We should turn the other way.” Ulundes said, and Rowena agreed. The party turned around further. The arched doorway was just as dark, if not darker than the one they traveled prior. Not to far ahead, Ulundes found a magic mark, a trap laying in wait. Moft was quick to destroy what lines were important to the spell and deactivated it without setting the arcane trap off. They proceeded, through a series of a twisting halls, until they came to a T again. They turned left.

Rowena all the while, had been quietly asking the children to remain and quiet. Hold hands as they walked, and she was able to keep them relatively subdued, it must prove prudent. No goblins or henchman popped out at them yet.

At last, they came to a steel door. Ulundes and Moft both checked it, but saw no trap. Ulundes went to open it. “Wow!” Came the prior, as a bolt of ice whizzed past her shoulder from above. Moft blushed.

“Opps, I guess I should of spotted that one.” She disabled the trap without trouble.

“This door’s locked, and it’s heavy.” The elf stated.

“So break it down!” The Orc pitched in from behind.

Moft was slapping the door ineffectually. Which earned her to be shoved aside by Ulundes.

“We’ll do the real work around here, half-elf.”

Moft glared, but made her way to the back of the line. Where she began playing pattie-cake with some of the smaller girls. Rowena and BH made to the front. They all pushed their weight against it, but to no avail. Finally, Rowena asked them both to step aside. Calling upon her goddesses favor, Rowena summoned a great battle-hammer.

With it firmly grasped between her hands she began to smack against the steel-doors. WHAAAAM! BAAAAAANG! TWAAAANG! Sang the door and the hammer as they met each other, the sounds reverberating and shaking the small hallway all around them. With the tenth, last swing, the door buckled and Ulundes pushed through.

An arrow whizzed past her ear, clattering harmlessly against the stone wall behind her. Some of the children gave shout. Though Moft held them in place before they could stampede and run, which wasn’t hard. Most froze in fear. Rowena cautioned the children to line against the wall and sit tight.

Ulundes charged in, taking another arrow. She swung her blade at a goblin but it ducked and skipped back.An arrow plinked off of the Bounty Hunter’s armor, but another scored him in his flank. He ripped it out with but a grunt.

Rowena extended her hand, called upon righteous flame but the Goblin side-stepped it. Slippery bastards.

Bounty Hunter barreled for the last gobbo, and sliced it clean in half. Shanston had unentangled himself from several prying children hands quick enough to cast a bolt of magic, one of the goblin’s howled as it leaped away, and died as his feet touched the ground. Fire hurts.

Moft had to squeeze past the children, but at least broke through, and with a surge of energy she made it out of the hallway enough to aim an arrow at the Goblin-Bandit leader. Though it missed. Ulundes charged at him, but he ducked again. Dancing away from her swinging swinging battle-axe. He aimed an arrow for Rowena, but it went wide, and clattered harmlessly to the floor on the opposite wall. Rowena ignited him this time, in righteous fire, he gave a caustic shout, as if it tickled. Shanston prepared another bolt of magic, but it was harmless. Fizzing out against the wall that he struck instead.

Bounty Hunter roared, raising his great sword and charged for him. “Huuuuuaaaaigh!” He screamed, raising the blade over his back, up and over, and SLAM. Goblin patty melt, splattered all across the floor.

Ring around the..?

After the loud cries of a woman screaming about her children, the decision was made to chase after the wrong doers.
The forest enclosed a large circle, similar to other portals we have seen but to a much grander scale. Over twenty children were secured by the cultists. Moft was further across the way when we approached what appeared to be some sort of ritual. Not sure how much longer this enchantment would take, the only rational action would be to interfere. Running in I struck at the first cultist, the others soon followed in similar actions. Rowena put many of them to sleep, including their head honcho. Making quick work of them during their nap. Rowena noticed the big nasty had a lump in his chest, in a round shape. Ripping it from his chest, she discovered another laklock. But as his life force faded, so did the circle, with many of the children. Moft and BH went in the portal, while Rowena and I remained as we were. Looking at all these children and wondering what on earth to do with them. I’ve never been responsible for anythings life besides my own.

(This was written by Gen, posted it here because I’m OCD and like the things to be on the adventure log. <3)

Home again

We returned home for some much needed rest, repairs and to replenish our dwindling stock of supplies. Ulundes spent some time communing with nature in the forest. Shanston went home to assure his parents that he had not been eaten by a dragon or blown up by one of his unpredictable spells. Rowena returned to the temple of Diancecht for a much needed bath and to visit with friends. Bounty Hunter went straight to the Weyward Fey.

We all met at the Weyward Fey for dinner to discuss what to do next now that we had one of the Ley Clach. As we waited for our dinner one of the town’s residents burst in shouting that Father Moorland was being attached. We rushed out to aid him only to be stopped by a demon, a cultist and his minions. Shanston, was not quite himself and kept being felled by the demon. Ulundes and Bounty Hunter were able to stop the cultist and his minions while Father Moorland handled the 3 attackers who had him surrounded. It might be time to have a chat with Father Moorland about why he was being attacked. Maybe over dinner?

No time for dinner. A woman from town shouts THEY’VE TAKEN THE CHILDREN!!!! YOU MUST SAVE THEM!!!

Note to self: We need to find Moft who seems to have disappeared.


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