An t-Eilean Mòr

The dorm room of angry minions

should have stayed in bed

What’s worse than a hornets nest? A room full of smelly hungover angry minions. Sam, who couldn’t throw a decent roll of the dice, opened up the door to a dozen of half awake minions. Sam tried to be stealthy, but he was still seen. He threw down half a bags of steel bearings and retreated back. The bounty hunter leaped forward and fought the horde as they made it into the small hallway. Many slid and fell and others worked their way forward. One made it past BH into the adjoining room and fought our group. There were dark leathery creatures that attacked and retreated repeatedly. We couldn’t fight them or see them until they struck. Our band finally overcame the minions and made our way into the dorm to finish the last ones. The door behind us closed. Now we have to see what else may be in this room. There is a door, beds that may hide secrets, and the invisible flying things may be in here as well. Man its great to be alive.


hornma miltondown

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