An t-Eilean Mòr

Sadness and more sadness

The party scouted the Church for the best way in. After going around the outside of the building, the front door seemed the best way in. The interior was dark and the pews were far to close together. The group decided to make their way to the back, to where the offices were located. But before the party got there they got ambushed by a ugly winged critter with a spiky tail. After they pummeled it to the ground with only a few scratches, they proceeded to the back offices. remembering the notes that they found, they located FM’s office quickly. But it seemed that they had hit a dead end. they searched the office for clues. BH decided to check the stack of chests containing worship supplies, and under the last one was a trap door, leading down into the depths.

BH deiced to go first down the ladder. He probably should have looked before he started going, because the third step he went down exploded in a shatter of wood. He did not take any damage but who know what was alerted down in the depths. once the party hit the floor and over barring sense of sadness weighed down on them. nothing seemed to be attacking at the moment, so the party moved on. The went down a tunnel and found them selves standing in-front of a creepy moving pool and a Portal in the corner. The group knew the sadness was coming from the pool and standing too close to it would make the sadness almost too much to bear. There where three men around the pool, a man chanting and the other two appeared to be guards of some-sort. The three had not seen the party yet and they where able to get a few blows in. Out of the shadows another winged beast attacked the group from behind. Shanston was able to trap two of them with a web and the beatings commenced. The winged beats, a guard, and the chanter soon feel to the party. The only thing left to figure out where the portal and the creepy pool.


hornma Venom

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