An t-Eilean Mòr

Pool of Ick

The pool that was in the room started to move more. As it continued to shift in its rhythm creatures started to crawl out, all of them disfigured. With this kind of power we thought we might be done for, but it appeared that these were not skilled creatures and were downright awful at striking any one of us. BM pulled out one of the corner posts, with apparently great difficulty. As the screen atop the pool got looser, and looser it seemed to have a life of its own as it wrapped around Rowena. It wasn’t long before Sam came and chopped it in half.

At this time all of the creatures from the pool had been eliminated. The prisoners hanging on the wall were unconscious for the most part. But one was able to talk for a moment. We learned that the brigantine priests had forced them to dig the pool, and that their essence was being drained to power something.

A mirror had stood in the corner and as we looked around a figure appeared in it, it was a portal rather than a mirror. As the figure left, we saw runes from the middle of the woods, that Father Morland had been previously associated with.


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