An t-Eilean Mòr

Party time

We arrived in Summerwine Creek to chaos. Nobody is tending the crops so we decide to investigate.

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10/24 log here
The dorm room of angry minions
should have stayed in bed

What’s worse than a hornets nest? A room full of smelly hungover angry minions. Sam, who couldn’t throw a decent roll of the dice, opened up the door to a dozen of half awake minions. Sam tried to be stealthy, but he was still seen. He threw down half a bags of steel bearings and retreated back. The bounty hunter leaped forward and fought the horde as they made it into the small hallway. Many slid and fell and others worked their way forward. One made it past BH into the adjoining room and fought our group. There were dark leathery creatures that attacked and retreated repeatedly. We couldn’t fight them or see them until they struck. Our band finally overcame the minions and made our way into the dorm to finish the last ones. The door behind us closed. Now we have to see what else may be in this room. There is a door, beds that may hide secrets, and the invisible flying things may be in here as well. Man its great to be alive.

doors and spirals*
the spiral was more akin to an eye made out of dollar bills

We took an extended rest and Rowena had a fore site dream of bad things if we went north-west. We decided to take the north-east path. While investigating the door Sam Sam found some traps and successfully disarmed them. When he looked for other traps he failed so Dylan opened the door. There was a hallway that led north and a hallway that led east. The east passage goes 20 feet then turns south. The north passage led 20 feet with a 10 foot long hallway 10 feet in. The hallway ended in a 15×15 foot room with a portcullis in the south-east corner and a ‘spiral’ set in the stone. There was also a door in the north-east corner. When Rowena opened the portcullis there was a fiery blast the singed Rowena and everyone else dodged. Behind the portcullis was a wall with nothing else. We decided to go through the north-east door which went east for 5 feet then had another door. when we opened that door and there were lots of baddies.

Pool of Ick

The pool that was in the room started to move more. As it continued to shift in its rhythm creatures started to crawl out, all of them disfigured. With this kind of power we thought we might be done for, but it appeared that these were not skilled creatures and were downright awful at striking any one of us. BM pulled out one of the corner posts, with apparently great difficulty. As the screen atop the pool got looser, and looser it seemed to have a life of its own as it wrapped around Rowena. It wasn’t long before Sam came and chopped it in half.

At this time all of the creatures from the pool had been eliminated. The prisoners hanging on the wall were unconscious for the most part. But one was able to talk for a moment. We learned that the brigantine priests had forced them to dig the pool, and that their essence was being drained to power something.

A mirror had stood in the corner and as we looked around a figure appeared in it, it was a portal rather than a mirror. As the figure left, we saw runes from the middle of the woods, that Father Morland had been previously associated with.

Sadness and more sadness

The party scouted the Church for the best way in. After going around the outside of the building, the front door seemed the best way in. The interior was dark and the pews were far to close together. The group decided to make their way to the back, to where the offices were located. But before the party got there they got ambushed by a ugly winged critter with a spiky tail. After they pummeled it to the ground with only a few scratches, they proceeded to the back offices. remembering the notes that they found, they located FM’s office quickly. But it seemed that they had hit a dead end. they searched the office for clues. BH decided to check the stack of chests containing worship supplies, and under the last one was a trap door, leading down into the depths.

BH deiced to go first down the ladder. He probably should have looked before he started going, because the third step he went down exploded in a shatter of wood. He did not take any damage but who know what was alerted down in the depths. once the party hit the floor and over barring sense of sadness weighed down on them. nothing seemed to be attacking at the moment, so the party moved on. The went down a tunnel and found them selves standing in-front of a creepy moving pool and a Portal in the corner. The group knew the sadness was coming from the pool and standing too close to it would make the sadness almost too much to bear. There where three men around the pool, a man chanting and the other two appeared to be guards of some-sort. The three had not seen the party yet and they where able to get a few blows in. Out of the shadows another winged beast attacked the group from behind. Shanston was able to trap two of them with a web and the beatings commenced. The winged beats, a guard, and the chanter soon feel to the party. The only thing left to figure out where the portal and the creepy pool.


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